Frequently Asked Questions

What can you offer me?

My favorite part of being a therapist is providing clients with solution focused techniques that they can utilize in everyday life. My goal is for our work together to be applicable to your entire life, and set you up for success.

I can promise you that you will get out of therapy what you put into the process.

What can you not offer me?

I can’t promise you a quick fix or the hope that therapy will always be easy. I can help you progress towards adjustment, coping, and emotional balance…to the extent that you are willing to be present and do the work.

What will the first appointment be like?

Your first appointment will last 60 minutes. We will begin with you filling out a brief questionnaire that will provide me with a sense of what your current needs are. You will also receive information regarding HIPAA laws and my policies as a clinician. Afterwards, I will spend time asking you questions about yourself, why you are seeking therapy, and what you hope to gain from therapy.

I’m new to this…what is therapy actually like?

I use a person-centered approach which means I cater each session to you as an individual. Each session varies based on what you identify as your goals and primary areas of concern.

I will often assign small tasks or techniques you can easily incorporate into your daily life to help you achieve your goals!

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