Being a young adult female in college or in the beginning of your career can be both an exciting and terrifying time. Whether it be anxiety, self-esteem struggles, issues adjusting to and balancing new schedules/demands, relationships, possible current or past trauma and grief, new living situations, or even an ongoing battle as a young adult with autoimmune disorders and chronic illness; I am here to help you sort it out and find healthy coping patterns that work for you. 

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“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

-Lady Bird Johnson

Located in the beautiful and historic Flatiron Building in the heart of downtown Asheville, Bloom Counseling and Consulting offers a variety of services.

Lauren helps young adult and adult women overcome perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and the pressure of keeping up the image of “having it all together” while trying your best to not to fall apart. If you are ready to come up for air, reach out. 

Lauren also helps women with chronic illness thrive into new patterns of living and coping that help increase one’s quality of life. If you are ready to live a life beyond your health condition, reach out. 

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